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Brainy Blooms 3-4 years

The Brainy Blooms get to do all that on an enhanced level.  We have added Letters and Sounds for the Brave Buds Group and Jolly Phonics for the Brainy Blooms.


General Objectives for the Brainy Blooms are:

•To discover, get to know, and progressively control their bodies. To establish a positive self-image, valuing their gender-based identity, their abilities and limitations of action and expression, and to acquire basic healthy habits and a feeling of well-being


•To act in an increasingly independent way in their usual activities, acquiring progressive, emotional stability and developing abilities of initiative and self-confidence


•To establish social relationships in an increasingly wider environment, learning to progressively articulate their own interests, points of view and contributions to others


•To establish fluent links with adults and peers, responding to affection, respecting diversity and developing helpful and collaborative attitudes


•To observe and explore the immediate environment with a curious yet careful attitude, identifying the most relevant features, properties, and relationships of the elements that shape it


•To become aware of some of the cultural elements of their environment and to demonstrate an attitude of respect, interest, and participation


•To respect and recall different aspects of reality, either lived, known or imagined, and to express them through the symbolic value of games and through other forms of representation and expression


•To use verbal language in relation to different situations in order to understand and be understood by others.   To express ideas, feelings, experiences and wishes. To advance the ability to build meaning in their language. To regulate their own behaviour and influence that of others


•To enrich and diversify their expressive possibilities by using the available media and resources, as well as appreciate different artistic representations


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