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Brave Buds 2-3 years

The Brave Buds children get to do all that the Brilliant Branches do at an enhanced level. We have added Letters and Sounds for the Brave Buds, which supports the children in preparation for Jolly Phonics in Brainy Blooms.


General Objectives for the Brave Buds are:


•To identify and express the basic necessities of health and well-being and to try to resolve these needs through basic strategies and attitudes of carefulness, eating, and hygiene


•To discover, get to know and progressively control their own body, its basic elements and its characteristics, beginning to understand its possibilities and limitations


•To relate to adults and other children, perceiving and accepting the different

emotions of others, expressing their own and developing a helpful and caring attitude


•To observe and explore the immediate environment and its elements and, with the help of adults, to understand this environment and attribute some significance to it


•To accept and understand behaviour guidelines for proposed games, routines and other activities and to apply them to their independent courses of action


•To coordinate their actions with the actions of others, discovering and beginning to accept, little by little, that other people have their own identity


• To understand verbal messages that come from a familiar source, learning

progressively to regulate their behaviour because of them


•To communicate with others using verbal and body language in order to express feelings, desires and experiences and in order to influence the behaviour of others


•To discover and begin to enjoy different forms of communication and representation, using the most basic techniques and resources


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