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Brilliant Branches 12 months - 2years

For our youngest year group, we aim for them to have a gentle start by having flexible activities where some are non-structured or child-initiated and others more structured and teacher-led. The daily programme includes a combination of:


•Free Play – this is a child-initiated activity within the classroom where children go to centres of their own choice for free play


•Circle Time – this is a whole class activity which allows the children to be familiar with the topics of the curriculum themes. It covers an introduction to colours, numbers, shapes and letters. It is also used to build up a bank of vocabulary where images of familiar objects are introduced by the teacher


•Music – children derive great pleasure from music and using musical instruments, exploring the different sounds, listening and moving to a wide variety of music


•Physical Play – through various fun activities, children will learn to move with

confidence and in safety.   They will learn to move with control and coordination.   We use a range of small and large equipment that is suitable for our youngest learners and activities are linked to the EYFS documents on physical development


•Creative Play – through playing with creative materials, children will learn about colour, texture, shading, pattern, and design.   This helps children to make choices and allows them to communicate their thoughts and feelings


•Dramatic Play – children will enjoy practising familiar situations from everyday life, whether it’s cooking something, dressing up in different costumes, or parking the ‘car’. This is a great opportunity for social and emotional development


•Quiet Time – this is relaxation time for the children.   They will be able to quietly look through books, go to the creative area and do some colouring, or just opt to lounge on the carpet for a while


•Story Time – a book is read out loud to the children every day.   This encourages active listening and learning about language. They may comment or ask questions as the book is being read, and this is one of the most valuable activities for the pre-reading stage


•Outdoor Play – we have many different areas of play that allow children to develop physically, socially, and emotionally. They will have a wonderful sensory experience in our sand and water play areas and develop their gross motor skills in our playground and tricycle areas. They will be able to use their imaginations role-playing on the mini village, or painting on easels in the art area


•Group and Individual Activities – these activities provide toddlers with a range of skills; from teaching pre-numeracy to early science and social studies topics

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