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Our Nursery

The nursery is a wonderfully decorated villa with classes on the ground floor and first floor only. Classrooms for our youngest children (1-2 years) are situated on the ground floor, as it is harder for them to use the stairs. All classrooms have been equipped with safe, anti-bacterial flooring. The nursery is fitted with a secure door entry system and CCTV both indoors and outdoors for your complete peace of mind. CCTV footage is monitored by the Nursery Director; parents do not have access to CCTV footage as we wish to maximise child protection and safeguard all children against unwanted attention.


The children’s play areas can be found indoors and outdoors. Indoors, we have an open (dramatic) play area on each floor as well as a fully equipped gym for our little athletes. Outdoors, we are fortunate to have a magnificent space that has been developed to promote learning in various ways. We have designed areas which allow children to explore, experiment and to move within the garden in full view of staff at all times.


These areas include:


•Water splash play area


•Sand play area


•Playground area with slides


•Bloomsville, our very own mini village area with houses and a construction site


•Tricycle area with a road track and traffic signs


•Art area where children can express their creativity


•Vegetable garden with agriculture boxes to grow our own organic vegetables and herbs


•Blooming Buds Mud Kitchen right in the midst of nature


•Our fabulous Music Wall

•Various reading areas around the green spaces


•Tortoise garden, home to Billy the nursery tortoise


We have a fully-stocked library where the children can foster a love of reading, an

appreciation of the written word and enrich their imaginations. Each classroom has a reading area so that children can have the opportunity to have quiet time and explore books appropriate for their age.


An interactive whiteboard is located on the ground floor level where the children can  get acquainted with the latest technology that schools all around use. This gives them a head start in building their ICT skills and promotes a sense of understanding of how ICT is used educationally. The children are encouraged to draw and write on the whiteboard, watch educational movies, listen to interactive stories and music, and play educational games.

The Building

At Blooming Buds, we employ strict, stringent health and safety procedures which include regular drills, risk assessments and fire resistant materials and toys.


All the classroom flooring is fire resistant, non-toxic and anti-bacterial in order to ensure maximum safety and a very low risk of contamination or bacteria.


We have upstairs and downstairs fire exits approved by the Civil Defence of Abu Dhabi, who perform random spot checks on a regular basis to ensure fire and safety standards are adhered to and maintained.


The sleeping rooms are furnished with beds specifically for each individual child and which are labelled with allocated covers and pillows. After every dramatic play, the toys and furnishings are sanitized for the next group of students, which is why we are one of the most hygienic nurseries in Abu Dhabi with a very low rate of absences due to illness.


On site, we have a fully equipped HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi) licensed medical clinic with a qualified and a HAAD registered nurse.