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“Thank you so much for giving not only Eissa but his whole family such lovely memories at Blooming Buds that we will always and forever cherish. Happy to have been and still will be with the next generation a proud parent and part of the Blooming buds family. Truly a Home away from Home”


Noora Fahmawi, Brainy Blooms 3



“February 2014- June 2016 Karma's best times.. Lots of memories lots of smiles lots of love .. We will miss you alot. Thanks to all the staff who made this a happy and joyful experience for Karma and those who helped her develop her skills to be ready for her new schooling phase. Lots of love to everyone.”


Nina Makarem  Hilal, Brainy Blooms 2



“Out of all the memories


That I have of school


Of having so much fun


And breaking every rule


Of all the good times


That I’ve had with friends


Of doing crazy things


And enjoying to no end


There is one memory


That I cherish from the heart


And that is being your student


From the very start


Thank you Blooming Buds for the lovely years... “


Aboudi & Mom, Brainy Blooms 4



“I wanted to thank you for a fantastic year that Théa Balaa had at Blooming Buds.  The classroom, the space and the organization helped this a lot. What was even more wonderful was Ms. Laura and how she enriched all of her students with so much love and care.  I know Théa will miss her so much and she will never forget her.  Thank you for all you do,”


Nadine Krikorian, Brainy Blooms 2



“ Miss Rana


I can't believe I do not believe how fast the time passed


I was lucky to have my kids at your nursery since 2011


During the 5 years I have had not one single issue or complaint


The support exceeded my expectation , staff, venue, management, activities etcI can't count how many things I love about Blooming Buds


I had always peace of mind leaving my kids at safe place where they will be treated with love and care


Thank u from me and the family and we wish you the very best because you deserve it


Kind regards”


Noora Saif & Saeed al Marar, Brave Buds 1



“I am confident that this nursery is the best of its kind in Abu Dhabi.  I carefully compared different nurseries before enrolling and it is always still a question-mark until you have the experience.  It was a wonderful experience.  Besides a beautiful layout and space, the school excels on organization, hygiene and personalised care.  I felt so confident that my child was in caring hands throughout some trying periods in the beginning. The staff was so patient and caring.  Ms. Rana, the teachers and assistant are all amazing.  I wish we could take them along to the next school!”


Nikyle’s Mom and Dad, Brainy Blooms 1



“Blooming Buds is such a lovely place for kids with an amazing outdoor area and very friendly staff.  We are glad we chose this nursery and can recommend it to anybody.”


Maria, Ryan’s mum, Brave Buds 3



“My husband and I are very satisfied and happy with having a chance for my daughter to go to Blooming Buds.  Thank you very much.”


Yuki Ikeda, Nina’s mum, Brilliant Branches 1



“Blooming Buds is the best nursery with a beautiful garden and well-maintained play area.  We are thankful for all the efforts.”





“The service provided by the nursery is extremely good.  We loved sending our child to the nursery.  Our child is extremely happy about his nursery.  I thank each and every staff of Blooming Buds who has helped my son in his growth and development; surely he will miss his Blooming Buds.”


Johann’s mum, Brainy Blooms 4



“I like Blooming Buds Nursery because my son is very happy and he loves his teacher and his assistants; he loves everyone there.  Everyone there supported us when Jamal was struggling in adapting to the idea of nursery. I also feel very comfortable when I leave my son there in the morning.”


Deniz Jamal, Brave Buds 1



“I have had a wonderful experience with Blooming Buds – it is a very well run place.  Thank you for looking after our daughter so well.  She loves school as a result.”


Ciara Toher, Brave Buds 1



“The best nursery in Abu-Dhabi.”


Sara Khalafalla, Brainy Blooms 4



“I love the nursery, all the staff, management and all.  Thank you all, my kids were lucky to be in Blooming Buds.”


Noura Saif, Brave Buds 1



“Thank you for all the continuous efforts and support that you put in our kids to give them a better future.“


Heba Hamed, Brainy Blooms 4



“Blooming Buds is this tranquil little oasis.  I love leaving my child there, and he is happy and thriving.”


Jenny Runqvist, Brave Buds 3



“Very friendly atmosphere!  I can’t be more satisfied.”


Yasmine Said, Brilliant Branches 2



“Starting nursery school was the best thing that happened to my daughter (and me!).  We are very happy with the quality of care and support, the outdoor space is excellent!”


Monique and Andre Namphy, Brave Buds 1



“My son is very happy to go to nursery and usually happy when I collect him.  Staff are lovely.  We are very happy with it overall.  It is a lovely nursery and I would recommend it.”


Charlotte Borrowman, Brilliant Branches 1