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The Team

We are proud to have an excellent staff of teachers and teacher assistants at Blooming Buds. The class teams work closely together to provide and deliver the very best of care for each individual child.


Blooming Buds truly invests in its staff and all teachers and assistants undergo rigorous and practice-specific training throughout the academic year. Hours of training, as prescribed by the Ministry of Social Affairs stands at 30 hours per year. All professional development sessions are tailored to the specific requirements of the nursery, its curriculum and practice.


By encouraging and supporting personal and professional development, we cultivate a culture of motivation, inspiration and creativity – all of which are transferred to the children.


Our teachers have amazing and wide-ranging experience. They come from all over the world and bring practices from Kindergarten, Special Educational Needs, Early Years Foundation Stage, UK Primary education and Montessori Method teaching.


All teaching staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid.

Rana Boulos - Director

Holding degrees in Modern Languages, Japanese and Russian and speaking a total of six languages, Rana also holds a B.Ed. in Elementary Education from Canada. After teaching in Canada for five years (adults and children) Rana moved to Abu Dhabi where she taught English as an additional language for a further four years before moving into school education for seven years. Towards the end of her school career, Rana held the position of  Teacher Advisor and Curriculum Specialist before realising the dream of opening her own nursery. Blooming Buds recently celebrated its 4th  birthday on January 3rd.  Holding a Diploma in Management of Quality Standards in Children’s Services and a Diploma in Leadership and Management, Rana aims to continue providing the very best in Early Years Education at Blooming Buds Nursery.

Joan Sengson - Administrator

Joan is one of the ‘original’ staff who has been at Blooming buds from day one. Living in Abu Dhabi for nine years, Joan has worked in a private school, Abu Dhabi University and is now the first person that you will see as you enter the Blooming Buds villa. Joan is the first point of contact for most parents and is always happy to help – check out her smile; it never stops!

Meliza Estero - Accountant

Holding a BSc in business Administration (major in Accountancy), Meliza is accredited as a  certified public accountant (CPA). Arriving in Abu Dhabi twelve years ago, Meliza worked in various business settings before joining the Blooming Buds team as one of the ‘original five’ back in January 2012.

Josie, Janelyn & Arriane - Domestic Team

Josie and the girls work effortlessly to ensure that Blooming Buds is kept meticulous at all times. The team juggle numerous tasks throughout each day to keep the premises looking amazing, each classroom well stocked and meet all staff needs. They also ensure the Blooming Buds garden is kept green, the agriculture boxes are well fertilised (including making the organic fertiliser and compost!), the sensory garden is watered and Billy the tortoise is kept well-fed. The girls are the super stars of Blooming Buds who are always on hand to help.  

Jasmin Rahman - Manager

Jasmin has been a part of the Blooming Buds team for almost 5 years.  She started as an Early Years Practitioner and a couple of years later, was appointed the EYFS Coordinator position.  She now has taken on the role of Manager and plans to continue on raising the standards and making sure that all operations of the Nursery are run smoothly.

She is a mother of two wonderful children , who without doubt take up a lot of her time but have been very supportive along with her husband when it comes to her career development.  

Jasmin has been in the education field for over 18 years having worked in Austria, Egypt and the UAE.  She holds a CACHE Level 3 Diploma from the UK and is in the finishing stages of receiving her Cache Level 5 Diploma from the UK.

Her passion in the Early Years  Education stems from watching the little ones grow, learn and develop to become confident and independent little personalities.  She finds this to be very rewarding as they become a vital part of your life and are a cause of many beautiful and above all funny memories.


Maria Omar - Brave Buds 1

Maria has worked in Early Years Education for over seven years and holds qualifications in Montessori and EYFS education. Maria loves to be an integral part of a child’s early years and takes particular pride as they develop in the area of personal, social and emotional growth. With a Masters in Applied Linguistics, Maria understands the importance of speech development,  effective communication and the power of the spoken word.  

Sunny Kovacevic - Brainy Blooms 3

Sunny has over fourteen years experience in Kindergarten and Early Years’ Education. Sunny describes her fulfilment in knowing that she plays a role in each child’s unique development in tandem with the parents development and learning journey. Understanding that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, Sunny enjoys the challenge of understanding each child and working out what fits best for each individual – it must be her background in engineering!

Tania Ackermann - Brainy Blooms 1

Tania is from lovely South Africa and has been living in the UAE for 11 years with her husband and 2 sons.


She holds a CACHE Level 3 UK qualification and has been teaching at Nursery and KG levels for 7 years.  She has taught both in South Africa and the UAE and brings a lot of experience along with her to our team.


Tania loves children and finds it very rewarding to have the chance to see them learn, grow and develop.


Tania says that when she teaches, she sees the world through the eyes of the children.  And what better way to see the world?

Rebeivle Ann Dela Rosa Arcangel - Nurse

Nurse Ann joined Blooming Buds Nursery a year and a half ago.  Other than by her uniform, you will be able to recognize her as she is the one ALWAYS smiling.  And if you forget a name of a child, just ask Nurse Ann!


Ann holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Philippines and she is a licensed Health Authority Abu-Dhabi (HAAD) school nurse.  She is also an accredited instructor of Basic Life Support, First Aid and CPR from the American Heart Association.  Nurse Ann has worked both in the Philippines and in the UAE for over 6 years in Nursing.  


Nurse Ann enjoys taking care of people, especially children.  She feels that giving her nursing hand to those who are in need provides her with a most rewarding feeling.

Virginie Souvy - French Teacher

Virginie is our visiting French Teacher.  She is a French native teacher who holds a teaching degree and more than twelve years experience in teaching language classes across a range of primary schools and nurseries.


She has founded Fun in French in 2015, a program which she has created and developed and which includes a full scheme of work appropriate to early years language teaching.

She has been teaching French to Blooming Buds children for the past 2 years and hopes to continue with us for more years to come.

She has taught in various countries including France, The Netherlands, England and now in the UAE.


She is very passionate about her subject and never ceases to be amazed at children’s achievements and limitless abilities.  She believes that when young children are exposed to other languages and cultures at a young age through books, songs and activities, they will feel comfortable growing up in a world where languages and cultures intertwine on a daily basis.

Lalani Jayakody - Physical Play Practitioner

Lalani is a new member of our team.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science specializing in Physical Education.  She has taught children physical education for more than 5 years both in Sri Lanka, her home country and Abu-Dhabi.  She believes that Physical Play is a very important area of learning whereas it relieves stress, helps in expressing emotions and ideas, releasing energy and developing gross motor skills.  


A typical Physical Play session is full of fun age -appropriate activities, movement, music and games.


Lalani thoroughly enjoys engaging with the children and seeing their progress on a weekly basis.

A national player of basketball, netball and athletics, Lalani brings forth a wealth of experience and is sure a winner in the realm of Physical Education.

Irene Dipasupil - Admin Assistant

Holding a B.B.A. in Management and Marketing, Irene has been in Abu-Dhabi for 10 years.  She started out working with Blooming Buds Nursery as a Teaching Assistant back in 2013.  Irene has 3 children and loves working in the Nursery because in her own words “she feels young when working with children.”


This year, since we have become wonderfully busy, we have asked Irene to be the Admin Assistant at the front desk with Joan.


Irene already knows all the children’s names and is happy to fill in whenever an assistant is absent!

Christine Maziriri - Brilliant Branches 2

Christine is a new member of the Blooming Buds team. She is a friendly, easy-going, patient and cheerful practitioner with genuine love for children who always strives to create a fun-filled learning environment for the children in her care.


Christine has taught for over eight years in various countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa and the UAE.  She is a seasoned practitioner with vast experience and a UK Diploma in Early Years Education.


Christine describes her passion (teaching) as a fun, creative outlet that allows her to interact with children and attain a feeling of accomplishment when she sees her students grow in knowledge, confidence and skills.

Janet Tanaka Mupfawi - Brave Buds 2

Janet is a new member of the Blooming Buds Team.  She has been with us for 3 months and she is a vibrant and dynamic Early Years Practitioner who is a strong believer in fostering child-practitioner relationships to enhance the well-being of the child and in turn achieving good results. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Development and is currently working on finishing her Cache Level 3 Diploma from the U.K.She has six years in the education sector both in the UAE and in her home country, Zimbabwe. She enjoys teaching because as she says, it is a career that never ends.  She feels she is continually learning and growing through professional development not only as a teacher but also as a person.

Amira Fathy Abo Elnaga - Arabic/Islamic Studies

Amira is a new member of the Blooming Buds Team. She holds a Bachelor's of Arts and Education. She is a mother of two and has worked with children for 5 years as a KG teacher, of which two were in Egypt and three in the UAE.


Amira loves teaching and she is always passionately finding new ways to apply, and to continue improving in her career. She really enjoys narrating stories and singing songs with the children.


To help the children develop socially, physically, emotionally and in communication and language, Amira applys a variety of activities which enhance the learning process.

Hira is a new member of Blooming Buds Nursery.  She possesses a Cache Level 3 in Early Years education from the UK and is trained in special needs (dyslexia).  Hira is also TESOL certified to teach English as a second language.

Hira has been teaching in early years since 2013.  She has worked in Pakistan, Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.

Hira enjoys being with the children helping them grow one step at a time.  She is passionate about her job because of the creativity in learning how you can teach children through play.

She aims to make children independent learners and strives to learn more about them everyday.

Hira Saad Joury - Brave Buds 3

Karmela Abeja - Brilliant Branches 1

Karmela is a new member of Blooming Buds Nursery.  She possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and Education with a minor in Special Education.

Karmela has previously taught in Philippines, Singapore and now the UAE.  She has more than 6 years experience in the field of early education.

Karmela takes pleasure in being part of the children’s development.  She enjoys planning fun and engaging activities for them because she believes that these help in their overall learning and development.

Karmela is inspired by the creativity and uniqueness that she sees in each child guiding her to better understand them.  She believes that each child is able to develop to their full potential when properly guided and motivated.