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Times & Timetables

Blooming Buds Nursery is open 40 weeks of the year with an option of up to 6 weeks extra for a Summer Holiday Programme; opening at 7:15 am and closing at 15:00pm, Sunday to Thursday.  


The nursery follows the ADEC / Federal calendar as closely as possible and is closed for public and national holidays as announced.


Blooming Buds Nursery accepts children from 12 months to 4 years of age (providing a child has not turned 4 before 1st September of that academic year). We divide the children into age-specific classes:


Brilliant Branches

1-2 years of age

Children must be walking to be admitted to this class



Brave Buds

2-3 years of age

Children must be able to climb stairs independently



Brainy Blooms

3-4 years of age

Children must be fully toilet trained (daytime only)

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